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About Klabrate World


We have created Klabrate World to take positive action to help you and others like you to participate in tackling the gigantic challenges of climate change.

By joining Klabrate and buying our qualifying tree products, you will participate in the creation of a new eco-friendly world where you will share in the rewards that it creates. At the same time your involvement will positively impact and help our planet to avert the coming climate disaster.



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Our planet is suffering a crisis caused by climate change.

That is why Klabrate is building a responsible, ecologically based metaverse.

Inside Klabrate World you can interact, communicate, shop, have fun and be part of Web 3.0

This new world will be owned by people just like you. It will be fair and equitable and will respect the laws of Mother Nature.

How does this work?

We plant trees. We currently have projects in Madagascar and Zambia for reforestation, afforestation and forestry protection. When somebody supports one of these projects by mitigating their carbon footprint, on selected products, we reward them by giving them NFT’s, a stake in the Klabrate World eco-metaverse.

This motivates people to become environmentally responsible by rewarding their activity.

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The Klabrate mission is to alter the way that individuals throughout the world perceive and treat our environment. We have implemented a program to promote environmental stewardship and coupled it to a revolutionary metaverse concept and a business plan that motivates and rewards people to combat the ecological challenges that face us....

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You can participate in the building of Klabrate World by planting trees to acquire Klabrate World Tokens that can be used towards your definitive ownership of a stake in this new world. You receive Klabrate World Tokens in line with your activity to support our real-world environment....

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The earth's climate is changing. Modern day human activities are causing our climate to warm to potentially dangerous levels. We all must take personal responsibility to reduce dangerous carbon emissions created from our lifestyles. If we were to stop our carbon....

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