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About Klabrate World

We have created Klabrate World to take positive action to help you and others like you to participate in tackling the gigantic challenges of climate change.

By joining Klabrate and buying our land at this early stage you will participate in the creation of a new eco-friendly world, where you will share in the rewards that favour first movers. At the same time your involvement will positively impact and help our planet to avert the coming climate disaster.

You can participate now in the building of Klabrate World by acquiring land NFT’s that have been created to confirm your definitive ownership of a stake in this new world.

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Eco City

EcoCity is at the heart of Klabrate World and will be designed from the ground up to be the metropolitan capital of a new green world where environmental responsibility is at the core of all decision making. You are invited to join this exciting adventure and acquire NFT’s representing a stake in scarce virtual plots of land at the center of EcoCity. These plots, when developed by you and your fellow stakeholders will represent the green city of the future and act as a beacon to future generations.

Development of Klabrate World

Klabrate is creating a green and eco-friendly metaverse to demonstrate that we can all live in a physical world where our carbon footprint can be reduced significantly or eradicated all together. The Zero-Carbon policy within Klabrate World will be duplicated in the real world. So, if you build a house in our metaverse, we will plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of constructing your property. We are also working closely with local communities in tree planting countries, including Zambia and Madagascar, to help alleviate poverty by providing jobs and resources for the local populations.

Two Phases

Klabrate World will be built in two phases. Phase 1 is EcoCity, the capital of our metaverse. EcoCity will be constructed according to a modern architectural design with a strong emphasis on green, open spaces. Buildings must be sustainable and equipped with solar power and electric charging stations for vehicles. There will be shopping malls, a fashion district, financial center, sports stadiums, live entertainment venues and educational facilities designed to spread the word about green living.

Phase 2

In the second and final phase we will release further NFT’s representing additional developable land in the areas surrounding EcoCity.
In keeping with the essential spirit of Klabrate World, the oceans, open plains, forests and mountain ranges are not available for development.

New Beginnings

Go anywhere, do anything. Imagine a digital virtual world on a 1:1 scale with Earth where you could go anywhere and do anything! This is your opportunity to become involved with the future, be part of the future and reap rewards for your early involvement! Learn More