Klabrate aims to change the way individuals around the world perceive and treat business by harnessing collaborative efforts across the supply chain to offer Associates, Owners, Customers and Players a potentially valuable stake in transactions they make, and by giving them the satisfaction of knowing that their actions may have a beneficial impact on worthy humanitarian and environmental causes.


The long-term objective is to establish a profitable business model and create a company responsible for promoting climate change awareness by bringing together companies and individuals to make a real difference, contributing to the benefit of the planet and by enabling them to provide direct assistance to less fortunate individuals and help the environment as a result.


Klabrate is a collaborative marketing business with four vital cornerstones.

Cornerstone 1 - the Klabrate products

Klabrate is committed to bringing world-class products to market through our proven collaborative marketing model. Our products are designed to meet the needs of real customers and fill market niches where there is global demand. Initially, we offer two core products:

Xoppon E-Commerce Platform a powerful e-commerce solution designed to allow individuals and businesses to establish fully customizable online stores to sell their goods, enabling store Owners to organise their products, storefront, payments, and to track and respond to orders.

For more information on Xoppon click here

PlaysNation Gaming and Advertising Platform - a fun and easy-to-use portal allowing Owners to build their own complete gaming and advertising business. PlaysNation provides Owners with the possibility of deriving income from in-game spend and the sale of online advertising space.

For more information on PlaysNation click here

Cornerstone 2 - The Klabrate Collaborative Marketing Organisation

Klabrate offers entrepreneurial freedom to individuals around the world through our innovative Collaborative Marketing business model. This powerful model allows individuals from around the world to build their own sustainable online business in partnership with the company..

Cornerstone 3 – Our Unique Loyalty Rewards Programme

Based around advanced, innovative blockchain technology, our loyalty reward program enables anyone to earn rewards. Rewards are paid to eligible participants when any positive business activity within the Klabrate universe happens.

The dynamic and powerful new Klabrate collaborative marketing organisation to find new Owners for the Xoppon E-Commerce Solution and the PlaysNation Marketing Platform.

This benefits the Environment and good causes through the Klabrate Trust too!

For more information on our Loyalty Rewards Programme click here

Cornerstone 4 – Klabrate Trust

The Klabrate Trust supports and sponsors humanitarian and ecological projects. We supply the means to combine doing good deeds while making a profit at the same time. In short the ultimate “win-win” situation. It's good for you and helps those less fortunate and the planet. In actively encouraging people to be aware of the welfare of others as well as being environmentally aware in their shopping, spending and leisure habits, our members have the opportunity to establish a solid business for themselves generating potentially lucrative income streams.