The Klabrate mission is to alter the way that individuals throughout the world perceive and treat our environment. We have implemented a program to promote environmental stewardship and coupled it to a revolutionary metaverse concept and a business plan that motivates and rewards people to combat the ecological challenges that face us.

All business commentators now agree that never before has there been a more significant and powerful global issue than protecting the environment – it effects every person on our planet and has created a revolutionary marketplace. Until now, this marketplace has been dominated by large corporations, with very little opportunity for the individual other than to spend money with these big businesses or with governments in punitive taxes. Klabrate is taking this out of the hands of big business and empowering ordinary men and women to make a huge difference in our World.

Yet even though our entire lives now revolve around green issues, most people don’t have any idea of how to properly utilize the power of this new industry to their financial benefit, which in turn would go on to benefit the planet too.

This has created a situation with a huge potential market of global Customers, but very few businesses can even begin to scratch the surface of the opportunities that exist. Most importantly however, people in business are now beginning to realize that ignoring this explosion will be financial suicide, and they are starting to establish their green credentials.

Klabrate is, first and foremost, a network of people united in a common cause. Our mission is the common good of life on our planet. The trees, the flowers, the creatures, the oceans, and the very stones beneath our feet are connected to us all. We are all part of the Earth, and all prosper inside of a delicate balance, interdependent on each other.

Klabrate is designed to carry a world-wide message and be an opportunity for everyone. We are delighted to work together with you and other motivated pioneers of this new global phenomena who will expand this business to create something very special.

Klabrate Motivate and Reward Individuals to Save Our World!

Many small water droplets form mighty Oceans – only by many of us working together we can have a huge impact on the future of our planet!



Help save our World through re-forestation, carbon capture projects and incentivizing people to live a Zero-Carbon lifestyle through offsetting their Carbon Footprint.


Provide philanthropic support to benefit populations living around our planting projects.


Offer significant earning opportunities to motivate and reward our members and help them to live an environmentally conscious life.

Klabrate – making environmental responsibility a reality