The earth's climate is changing. Modern day human activities are causing our climate to warm to potentially dangerous levels. We all must take personal responsibility to reduce dangerous carbon emissions created from our lifestyles.

If we were to stop our carbon producing activity, it would effectively take us back to the dark ages. It is clear that this is unacceptable to the majority of people and businesses.

Unless we take action NOW, our planet will be unrecognizable by the turn of the next century. As well as natural consequences such as melting ice, rising sea levels, extreme weather, drought and famine, economic and political instability may lead to war & conflict. In the long term, this could potentially cause the demise of the human race along with many other species.

Many people around the world are either unaware of the scale of the problem, haven't really thought about it or they choose to ignore it completely.

Planting trees for a brighter future

Trees help to slow the rate of climate change by pulling in excessive atmospheric carbon through photosynthesis. Atmospheric carbon not absorbed by trees (and other sources) can result in changes to our climate. Simply put, planting and nurturing trees helps our planet. Trees also create wildlife habitat, resources for the local population and they combat the huge problem of soil erosion.

We encourage individuals, couples, families and businesses to give back more to the planet than they are taking by planting trees to mitigate their carbon footprint.

Generally, planting 12 trees per month will mitigate the carbon footprint of an individual for that month.

Klabrate trees are planted into reforestation, afforestation and forestry protection projects.

Reforestation is the process of planting trees in a forest where the number of trees has been decreasing.

Afforestation is when new trees are planted or seeds are sown in an area where there were no trees before, creating a new forest.

Forestry Protection is defending arboreal environments from over-farming and deforestation due to activities such as illegal charcoal burning.


Klabrate help the population who live around our planting projects. As well as providing employment opportunities, Klabrate funds local school, clinic and hospital projects to benefit the people and provide them with a brighter future. We also pay to sponsor waste handling briquette presses which produce fuel. This combats the illegal charcoal burning that wreaks havoc by destroying habitat, species and lives.

Locals are able to benefit from the products, such as fruit, that are grown from our reforestation activities. By giving the local population tangible benefits, we ensure that they actively protect and nurture the new forests that we are creating.

We also plant trees in the grounds of schools. Schools are generally under resourced and are staffed by volunteer teachers and rely on the support of charitable organisations. However, many have extensive land around them. We plant fruit trees that provide nutrition for the children, shade and also a sustainable product to take to market to generate revenue for the school.


For your contribution, you will receive an image of the Reforestation Project and recognition on Social Media (if you want it) and a link logo to be used on your website or social media profile to publicise your help and support of this worthy cause

Set your goals and embark on the rewarding mission of living a sustainable life to the full. There is no better feeling than knowing you are making a difference to people and the environment!