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An innovative new business platform for the digital world

Firsty there are many millions of people around the world who have too little money and too few resources resulting in limited income streams, lack of financial security and no pension savings. These people face reduced freedom and flexibility and face financial adversity and a bleak future in retirement.

Secondly, there are significant environmental and humanitarian issues that require collective action to avert disastrous consequences for humanity. Precious land and sea resources urgently require better stewardship and people living in poverty and destitution require compassion and support from those more fortunate, especially in the provision of long term solutions.



Klabrate offers a comprehensive business formation package to help hard working and talented individuals to become stakeholders and to achieve economic independence by joining together in a collaborative network of like-minded colleagues, backed by a highly experienced team of entrepreneurs with an in-depth knowledge and experience of creating strong and viable business organisations. The Klabrate platform provides the opportunity to create multiple income streams for participating individuals and in addition raises awareness for and makes contributions to environmental and humanitarian causes.


Prospective business owners will be offered a choice of affordable plans that include the critical tools and programs required to implement the successful establishment and ongoing administration of their new business.

A “business in a box” is one way of describing the concept, simply because it comes with everything needed to get started owning and operating a fully-fledged ecommerce business. The Xoppon ecommerce websites are fully featured with the full ability to add, source and supply products, both on a B2B and B2C basis. This means it is not necessary for an owner to carry inventory – if they so choose, they get an order, submit it to the product vendor and the vendor ships directly to the customer.

Becoming an owner means that they will be mentored through the entire process of setting up and getting started with their ecommerce and gaming business. A business in a box gives owners the tools to be successful.Although factually correct, “business in a box” fails to do full justice to the overall concept that combines e commerce, gaming/advertising, environmental concern and the creation of a major new blockchain based Reward Programme. A better term to describe this concept is:
“a disruptive digital marketing eco-system”