Klabrate Trust

The Klabrate Trust supports and sponsors humanitarian and ecological projects.

We supply the means for you to combine doing good while making profit at the same time.

Global economic instability means that many people have serious financial concerns right now and one knock-on effect of that insecurity has seen charity and giving taking a backseat because it is deemed low priority. In less developed countries charity is viewed as even less of a priority. However, humanitarian projects and securing the sustainability of the planet should be our first priority – mankind simply cannot afford to ignore these issues. We are offering a means of both doing good and making a profit at the same time. It’s the ultimate win-win situation. Good for you and good for less fortunate and the planet. In actively encouraging others to be conscious of the welfare of others and environmentally aware in their shopping, spending and leisure habits, our members can help create a solid business with lucrative income streams.

The Klabrate Trust sponsors humanitarian and environmentally friendly projects. People contribute by using Klabrate Loyalty Rewards and the Trust adds a matching contribution to selected projects. All aspects of our business contribute positively to the Environment and less fortunate people. Currently we support numerous projects such as trees for schools, reforestation, aforestation and forestry protection in Zambia. We have also supplied biochar stoves to impoverished families in India and sponsored medical aid for orphans in China.


A Klabrate Custodian cares for and protects the world by donating to the Klabrate Trust, which in turn supports projects that help communities and ecology. In return for your philanthropy, you receive Klabrate Loyalty Rewards that can be used to purchase goods and services. In turn, using Klabrate Loyalty Rewards contributes to Humanitarian and Environmental causes. A win-win-win solution that makes a difference. In our lead project, one Klabrate Trust Unit will pay for a tree to be propagated from seeds and nurtured to saplings in one of our nurseries in Zambia. We then either plant them in a project to cultivate them to healthy established trees. The fruit trees are planted to support schools in the region, giving them healthy fruit for the children and also a commodity to sell at market to raise funds for the school. The deciduous trees are planted in a long term reforestation and environmental stewardship project in partnership with the Zambian government which involves planting millions of trees. As well as boosting the local economy and ecology, this will remove millions of tonnes of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, helping to reduce the harmful effects of global warming.